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Christopher Guest
Dead Ringer
Paul Reubens

School Girls & YouLikely_Stories_-_School,_Girls_%26_You.html


Howard Hesseman
Focus On FishkoLikely_Stories_-_Focus_On_Fishko.html

Paul Reubens stars in this Goofus and Gallant-style send-up of  high school sex-ed “health” films from the 1950’s. The lecture he receives on the evils of masturbation is not to be missed!

Howard Hesseman is the king of the B-movie makers, Seymour Z. Fishko, who the French think is an absolute genius.  In this documentary for French TV we meet the man behind the legend and see rare clips from his amazing oeuvre.

     WHAT? IT COULD HAPPEN...             

Joe Mantegna
Cinderella KillerLikely_Stories_-_The_Cinderella_Killer.html
Dave Thomas
Public Enemy #2

Joe Mantegna plays made-for-tv movie-mogul, Frank Musso, who discovers a drop-dead gorgeous truck-stop waitress being abused by her wicked stepmother and step sisters. Now if this modern-day “Cinderella” would only kill her entire family he’d have his next big ratings hit!

SCTV alum Dave Thomas does double duty as a luckless actor who reenacts a serial killer on a hit TV true-crime show -- as well as the real serial killer who wants revenge for the indignity.

Christopher Guest directs this nod to noir with his send-up of hard-boiled dicks.  He also portrays the buxom blonde secretary, a dame with dough, her dead husband and a guy with a towel on his head. This was Guest’s directing debut.

Danny DeVito stars in and directs this political parable of a certain sleazy Councilman from Passaic who takes the low road to become the next Senator from New Jersey.

Denis Leary
Thy Neighbor’s WifeLikely_Stories_-_Thy_Neighbors_Wife.html
Denis Leary portrays a nightwatchman at a fancy museum.  By day however he can not take his eyes off the exhibition happening in his hot neighbor’s window.  Leary makes his directing debut.Likely_Stories_-_Thy_Neighbors_Wife.html
Andrew Dice Clay
Shelley Long
That Time
Of The MonthLikely_Stories_-_TTTM.html

Shelley Long plays highly combustible investigative reporter, Fay Sommerfield.  Tonight’s multi-part probing report:


Perennial bad-boy, Andrew Dice Clay goes to hell, literally -- when his midnight mercy mission to the mini-mart goes very wrong indeed.

Billy Crystal
Split Decision

Billy Crystal makes his directing debut as he stars along with Christopher Guest in this heartfelt, nostalgic story about an aging Golden Gloves boxer. Written by Crystal & Guest.

A N   O R I G I N A L   O N L I N E   C O M E D Y   M A G A Z I N E

Rob Reiner
A Man & His Music
Rob Reiner makes his directorial debut with this touching tale. Bruno Kirby stars as Tommy Rispoli, chauffeur and life-long Sinatra fan extraordinaire.  Bruno Kirby also reprised this character in Reiner's classic, “Spinal Tap.”Likely_Stories_-_A_Man_%26_His_Music.html
Steve Carell
Dates Of Future PastLikely_Stories_-_Dates_Of_Future_Past.html

Fresh off The Second City’s Toronto stage, Steve Carell stars in

this twisted time-travel piece courtesy of fan-favorie, genre-bending

writer-producer, David Fury of such cultural touchstones as, “Buffy,”

“Lost” & “24.”

Ryan Stiles
The Flashback Bar&Grille

Ryan Stiles and his frequent improv partner Brad Sherwood star in this surreal, cautionary tale about a man and his mysterious mime.

Jersey Shore Show-offsLikely_Stories_-A_Lovely_Way.html

Richard's quest to do a sex-tape with his hot girlfriend on their first trip to Hollywood. And that's back when portable video meant dragging around a large camcorder with a separate VHS deck slung over your shoulder.

A Lovely Way To 
Spend An EveningLikely_Stories_-A_Lovely_Way.html
Richard BelzerLikely_Stories_-_VacatIon_Sex_Tape.html
Our Vacation Sex TapeLikely_Stories_-_VacatIon_Sex_Tape.html

Majesco Industries has commissioned a special musical film to celebrate the change of their name to the more friendly, "MJI." It stars Michael McKean & Marsha Strassman as themselves bravely singing and dancing their way through the cheesy production.

Harry ShearerLikely_Stories_-_Small_Talk.html
You Wouldn’t Believe
Our WorldLikely_Stories_-MJI_Musical.html

Danny DeVito writes and directs this tale of three Goombas from the Jersey Shore have been pulling painful practical jokes on the locals as long as anyone can remember. But tonight, down by the seaside things go terribly wrong...

Julie Brown
Attack of the 
5’2” Woman

Julie Brown plays tabloid heroine, Lenora Bobbit, the psycho who became rich and famous because she cut of her husband’s not so private privates in a jealous rage. Here’s the untold story.


Rare FootageLikely_Stories_-_Trip_To_Tomorrow.html
A Trip To TomorrowLikely_Stories_-_Trip_To_Tomorrow.html

In 1946 America's premier corporation, General Powerhouse, produced this special episode of the classic family sit-com, "The Warners.”  It showed what the Warner family's typical day would be like... in the future! It was aired only once and was immediately pulled from circulation due to its thinly veiled attempt to influence Congress to pass, "The Benevolent Monopoly Act."

Feet of ClaymationLikely_Stories_-_Reagans_Nightmare.html
Reagan vs. GodzillaLikely_Stories_-_Reagans_Nightmare.html

In the early 1980's the U.S. dollar plummeted against the Japanese Yen and both Wall Street and our recently elected "movie-star" president, Ronald Reagan were in panic mode. Asleep at his desk in the oval office good ol' Ronnie has a nightmare of Hollywood proportions.

This Polo Lounge power lunch is a typical example of  show-business-as-usual to satirists extraordinaire,Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Richard Belzer and their unerring ears for Hollywood-speak.

Cartoon FunLikely_Stories_-_Small_Talk.html
The SchmoozersLikely_Stories_-_The_Schmoozers.html
Small TalkLikely_Stories_-_Small_Talk.html

Two alta-cockers, voiced by Richard Belzer & Bob Shaw, meet everyday in Central Park  to re-live the ups and downs (and in and outs) of their youth... as only they can remember it.

Cartoon FunLikely_Stories_-_The_Schmoozers.html
End Of The World NewsLikely_Stories_-_Please_Stand_By.html
Please Stand ByLikely_Stories_-_Please_Stand_By.html

It's the height of the cold war. Our cowboy president Ronald Reagan is in the White House with his finger on the button and Ted Koppel is anchoring Nightline with his finger on the pulse of America's paranoia. Master Impersonator, John Roarke plays all the roles in this look at Nightline's coverage of the end of the world.

Elephant Man-
The Musical!Likely_Stories_-_Elephant_Man_Musical.html
Barry’s Pay-Per-View
Comin’ Out ConcertLikely_Stories_-_Barry__Comin_Out.html
Early Pay-TV PromoLikely_Stories_-_Elephant_Man_Musical.html

A promo for Barry Manilow's "Coming Out" pay-per-view Pay-TV concert. Barry sings his songs with a different spin.

Love In The AfternoonLikely_Stories_-60sec._Relationship.html
The 60 sec. RelationshipLikely_Stories_-60sec._Relationship.html

The title says it all. Ryan Stiles and the delectable Diane Stilwell have a very brief  but very meaningful encounter while jogging in the park.

Modern ProblemsLikely_Stories_-_30s_Something.html
30’s SomethingLikely_Stories_-_30s_Something.html

Back in the 1930's, tough-guy gangsters, Steve Carell, Brad Sherwood & Ken Hudson Campbell try to mastermind a bank heist but some modern problems interfere with their plans.

James Bond-ageLikely_Stories_-_Heartbreaker.html

A parody of James Bond movie opening title sequences replete with naked girls, guns and high-tech imagery. An original song by Bruce Kimmel takes our favorite spy to task for his womanizing ways.

Starring Anthony Newly (Bruce Kimmel) in the role he was born to play! A promo for a musical adaptation of the "The Elephant Man" made expressly for Pay-TV. Also starring Carol Channing & Sammy Davis Jr.

Early Pay-TV PromoLikely_Stories_-_Barry__Comin_Out.html
No Problem, New Concept!Likely_Stories_-The_Ad-Guys.html
The Ad GuysLikely_Stories_-The_Ad-Guys.html

Always thinking and fast on their feet these two ad execs, played by Steve Carell and Brad Sherwood pitch their hearts out to a new client who isn’t buying.  No problem, new concept!

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Debutante Debacle
Queen of the Ice

Julie Brown makes her directing debut playing ice queen Tanya Hardly who’ll stop at nothing to achieve her fantasy of winning a gold-medal figure-skating in the Olympics -- even if it means “whacking” the competition. 

Jesus a Goodfella?Likely_Stories_-_The_Last_Supper.html
The Last SupperLikely_Stories_-_The_Last_Supper.html

Even the Pope has come out against filmmaker Tony DePina’s

latest epic -- an earthy, streetwise depiction of the story of Jesus starring Robert Pastorelli.

Angry AuteurLikely_Stories_-_We_B_Fo_Mo.html
We B Fo MoLikely_Stories_-_We_B_Fo_Mo.html

Phil LeMarr portrays angry auteur filmmaker, Butch Jones whose latest release has come under fire for its supposedly racist themes and wall-to-wall profanity.

White RapperLikely_Stories_-_Stinx_On_Ice.html
Stinx On IceLikely_Stories_-_Stinx_On_Ice.html

Alex Winter portrays the controversial white rapper whose latest hit single, “Kill Your Teacher” has sparked 32 teacher homicides across the nation.

Adult Game Show

Love Thy NeighborLikely_Stories_-Love_Thy_Neighbor.html

Martin Mull hosts this new “adult” gameshow where neighboring couples play “switchies” for the week and then answer very personal and revealing questions for cash and prizes.

Shock-Jock Cartoon

Ratman & FriskyLikely_Stories_-_Ratman_%26_Frisky.html

Elon Gold voices this Saturday morning cartoon which features a bickering cartoon odd couple that sound suspiciously like Howard Stern & Richard Simmons.

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Danny DeVito

The Selling of
Vince D’AngeloLikely_Stories_-_Vince_DAngelo.html